Losing Isaiah

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
I'm telling you, man,
the Bulls are going to repeat.

Yeah, yeah, you said the same
thing after the '85 Bears.

Ain't gonna happen.
The Knicks have got Pat Riley,
and he's going to make
Patrick Ewing play some ball.

Hey, you got
B.J. coming off
the bench, shooting a three.

I'm thinking about coming out of
retirement and playing myself.

Yeah, I heard that.
I know one thing...
I can stop Ewing.
I just have to deal
with Oakley's muscle

underneath the board.
I-I used to play
some great defense.

They used to call me "The Wall."
Yeah... wall-eyed Wally.
Yeah, Oakley under the boards,
my butt.

M.J. and Scottie'll
take care of the Knicks.

Pippen's bad.
The Knicks are playing
some mean D.

Hey, did you see what Jordan did
to that defense last night?

That's what
I'm talking about!

- Swoosh!
- I wouldn't trade defense...

Hey, hey, you got B.J.
Coming off...

Holy shit!
Stop the blade!
Stop the blade! Stop it!
What's he been given?
Two cc's epinephrine, I.M.
- Let's get him to the warmer.
- It's over there!

Let's roll! Get out of the way...
baby coming!

All right.
Okay, let's get
some new vitals on him.

What do we got here?
I need a half-normal saline
with glucose drip,
and get me a respirator.

- Hold it, hold it.
- Wait.

Where's the IV?
- No IV established?
- No.

- Why not?
- Not ready to get a line in.

Okay, 24-gauge ampule.
I'll do it myself.
Go ahead, hold that, yeah.
Let me have a blood gas.
He's a subdermal hematoma,
Mrs. Lanelli.