Losing Isaiah

Miss Richards.
You're late.
I'm sorry.
Gussie said
you was a real good lawyer.

Yeah. Now, she's explained
some of this to me,

but there's still
a lot of holes here.

She tells me you'd like to
reinstate your parental rights.

You gave your child
up for adoption.

Now you want him back.
No, I never gave my child up
for no adoption.

You left him in an alley.
You abandoned him
and made no effort
to find him again.

Legally, that's the same thing.
Well, that's 'cause
I thought he was dead.

No one ever sent you any letters
informing you
of his whereabouts?

Or of the Lewins'
intent to adopt him?

Now, Miss Richards,
you know

you couldn't read very well
before you went into
the rehab program.

You sure you didn't throw
away any official papers?

No. I ain't never got no papers.
Not even in jail?
If I would've got some papers
like that,

don't you think
I would've remembered?

You don't like me all that much,
do you?

I don't like what put you in
this situation, Miss Richards.
How do I know that when
I help you get your boy back,

you're not going to go back
to smoking rock

and leave him again?
'Cause I'm telling you
I'm through with all that.

Oh, well,
that's what you all say.

You ain't got
to talk down to me.

I can pay.
There's no fee involved here.
We take on cases
that are socially relevant.

If we win them,
they set legal precedent.

Your case fits that profile.
The fee's taken care of
by donations.