Love Letter

His death is a loss to us all.
I wonder why
good guys always die young.

Kaji Bear was in the party, too
when that accident took place.
Had more hair
at the time, though.

You definitely had more hair.
He's a great guy.
Since the accident
he looks after the climbers here.
Because of the accident
I've become an expert
on that mountain.

But since I tell the climbers
where to be careful or

not to ignore the weather
they find me annoying.
You're a great guy.
I ran away from the mountain.
Don't you want to climb again?
No, it's impossible.
How come?
I'm just...
My love runs
on the south wind
What is this song?
Is it your club song
or something?

He sang this before he died.
He fell into a ravine.
We couldn't see him
but we heard him singing.
Of all the songs in the world,
why did it have to be this?

He didn't even
like Seiko Matsuda.