Man of the House

Sharp, we're going to a church.
That's why I didn't bring a helicopter.
Everybody, get your hands up.
Now keep them up...
and say, "Hey!"
Say, "Oh!"
All right. Then go ahead.
We have learned from the three wise men...
The O'Jays...
Eddie, Walter, and the other guy...
that there is a train coming...
and it is a train of love.
Michael rowed his boat ashore.
Because he, too, wanted to get
off that water and get on the train.

Had the ticket.
And I, too, want to be on that same train.
So I will see everyone next week. Hopefully.
Percy Stevens. What's it been?
Three to five years with time off
for good behaviour?

Sharp, how are you?
This is a church, all right?
A place that's sacred.
And it shall remain untainted.

We're looking for an old cellmate of yours,
Morgan Ball. You seen him?

He's a key witness in one of my cases.
Come on, man.
I don't hang with that crowd anymore.

I am a prophet in a non-profit world.