Man of the House

Miss Thompson.
I want to see you in my office. Now.

- She'd like to see you.
- What for?

I don't know.
Mr. Sharp. Come in. Have a seat.
So, I understand you're
the new assistant cheerleading coach.

That's right.
May I ask what you were doing in my class?
That's the way we do things on our squad.
If somebody's in the...

Let me be blunt, Mr. Sharp.
Barb's cheerleading
is interfering with her work.

And for the record, you should know
I think cheerleading is stupid.

I couldn't agree with you more.
She downloaded this paper
on plant imagery in Macbeth...

off the Internet.
I know, because I wrote it 20 years ago
when I was an undergraduate.

Must be a hell of a paper.
Yes, I thought it was pretty good.
But that is not the point.
Plagiarism is simply not acceptable.

I've given Barb an F on that assignment.
If she wants to remain on the squad,
or in the school, for that matter...

her next paper on Romeo and Juliet
had better be wholly original.

I'll explain your position to Barb...
and make sure she understands it,

Well, good.
Okay, what's the big deal?
Presidents don't write their speeches.

When you're President, you can be
as lenient as you want to on plagiarism.

But wait. This play has five acts.
She can't expect me to read the whole thing.
It's all written in ye olde
weird English anyway.

- Hey, Barb.
- Hi, Scoot.

Besides, people think being a cheerleader
is this nonstop party and everything...

but, you know, they're so wrong.