Mighty Aphrodite

Oh, God, thank you
for thinking of me.

Yeah, that's great.
Yeah, well, I'll see you at 10:00.

I just got a small part
in an Angela Dawson movie.

I get to do it with her!
I don't understand you.
If you're-- If you're serious
about being a Broadway actress,

what are you wasting your time
with all this porn for?

What's it to you?
It's good experience.

How? Making it with a woman in front
of the camera is good experience?

That's gonna get you closer
to be a Broadway star?

- What are you getting all mad for?
- I'm not mad.

I just think it's crazy.
You're an attractive young woman.

You know, what are you--
You don't have to live like this, Linda.

- What are you, my pastor?
- This is crazy!

You take money from guys
and you perform all these acts.

You know, you could be--
Hey, I'm talking to you.

- You could have a family.
- Hey, let go of me!

- You could have a husband
and a child or something.
- All right. No. Hey!

Stop. Stop it now! Stop!
- Listen. I don't like possessive men.
- I'm not possessive.

You come in here, you don't
want to do anything with me.
You're telling me what to do.

- I want to talk.
- Do you want to do it or not?

- I want to talk.
I paid you, I want to talk.
- Oh, no. Okay.

- I bought the time.
- Then you get your money back.

- I'm giving it back. Refund.
- No, keep the money.

- Let's go. No.
- I bought the time!

- Hey, stop it. No, I'm giving
it back and you're leaving.
- Why can't I talk?

- Get out!
Daddy, why are you
staring at me like that?

Come here.
You know why I'm
staring at you?

I'm staring at you
'cause I can't believe it.

Because you're so bright
and you're such a great kid.

Come on, Max.
Now it's time for bed.

Come on. Okay.
Time for beddums.

- Ready? The kid's getting heavy.
- He can walk, you know.
- Yeah. Okay. Can you walk?

Poor Weinrib! Turn back.
Don't meddle any further.
Accept the truth.