Murder in the First

They're coming!
-Let's go to the water!
- They're heading for the beach!

Down by the beach!
-Look out!

Run, Doc! No! Doc, no!
Don't stop moving!
They're down there!
There they go! Okay.
Lay down! Lay down!
Lay down or I'll shoot you, goddamn it!

-Hurry up!
-Lay down!

That's right, shoot them!
I give up, Mr. Glenn. Please!
-Shut up, Henri!
-Please, don't hit me! Please!

Clean him up! Take him to the hole!
And call the press!

Dateline: San Francisco.
Alcatraz was the scene last night
of a dramatic escape attempt.

Four desperate prisoners
were apprehended...

...on the rocky beach below the prison.
The recently completed
Golden Gate Bridge serves as a backdrop.

So near, yet so far from freedom...
...the surviving escapees, Henri Young
and Rufus McCain are escorted back...

...while their less fortunate cohorts
are destined for the morgue.

The body of Doc Barker,
son of the infamous Ma Barker...

...lies bullet-riddled,
cooling on a steel gurney...

...attended by a triumphant guard.
The jubilant correctional officers
who foiled the escape...

...congratulate each other
and reluctantly show their battle scars.

A proud Warden Humson,
supervisor of three penitentiaries...

...Folsom, San Quentin and Alcatraz,
and confidant of J. Edgar Hoover...

...congratulates his troops.
Humson returns to his duties...
:01:36 the inmates are sent
through metal detectors...

...cells are searched,
extra guards are called up...

...and Alcatraz goes on full alert
to forestall any additional trouble.

As public interest reached a frenzy...
...Warden Humson
and Associate Warden Glenn...

...left the island in the bay
for a press conference...

...headed for the San Francisco City Hall...
...which was inundated with a plethora
of reporters from around the globe...