Murder in the First

Henri was tried and convicted
of the federal crime of mail robbery.

Henri's sister was taken
to live in an orphanage.

He would never see her again.
Eleven years later,
Henri would kill Rufus McCain.

Mr. Young...
:26:44 killed a guy, so...
:26:46're not catatonic.
l know that you can talk.
l don't know...
...maybe you could write something.
You want to write something? Write here.
Something. Just....
Look, you want to give it a try?
You want to write?
Mr. Young, you're looking at me.
You hear me, don't you?
lf you won't answer my questions,
maybe we can start with something else.

What do you want?
There has to be something.

Can't be to sit there, because if you do,
they'll just stick you in the gas chamber.

Do you understand that?
...Mr. Young, l've read your file.
l am trying to help you.
That's all l'm trying to do.
l just want to help you.