Sure, you've got
a great product...

...but you have to remember what
you're really selling yourself.

So it's not necessarily
what I say as how I say it?

That's right, Earl.
A good salesman can sell anything.

And I remember when
you were a good salesman...

:01:21 the beginning.
But something
seems to have changed now.

Now, I don't want to pry,
but is everything all right at home?

Everything's all right
with Margie, right?

Will there be anything else, gentlemen?
Leave it.

Just leave it.
Yes, sir. Thank you.

I watched you...

...walking back and forth in front
of my desk in an agitated manner...

...smoking a cigarette without having asked
if you could smoke in my presence...

01:21, Mark.
Okay, listen up. Fire team
discipline in there at all times.

Keep your radios on at all times
during the entire penetration.

Check yourselves.
False ID's?

No wallets, no keys?

We rendezvous where?
The Watergate, room 214.

When? At 03:00 hours.
Jawohl, mein "farten fuhrer".
I swear to God, Frank,
I'm gonna make you a new asshole.

Let's get the fuck out of here.
Years of clean living are over.

If anything goes wrong, just sit tight.
You'll hear from me or Howard.

if anything goes wrong...

...I'll be calling the president
of the United States.

I'm not gonna be
just a good salesman.

I'm gonna be a great salesman.
That's the spirit.

And remember, Earl:
Always look'em in the eye.

Nothing sells like sincerity.
Five men wearing
white surgical gloves, business suits...

...and carrying camera and electronic
surveillance equipment...

...were arrested early today
in the headquarters...

...of the Democratic
National Committee...

:02:57 Washington.
They were unarmed.