No Way Back

You go to the ladies' room, you pop
one of these pills to induce vomiting.

It'll only last a half a minute.
But no man will want you around...

...if he thinks you're gonna throw up
during orgasm. Okay?

It'll be a piece of cake.
Hell of a way to start a career, huh?
Or to end one.
Look, Seiko....
Maybe you shouldn't go.
No, I volunteered.
I can do this.

I'm fine.
I'm at your command, Mr. Grant.
Okay, looks like we're on.
Redo her lips.

Okay, let's go.
You're taking a big chance
with a rookie.

Yeah? Do I look worried?
You should.
The three strikes rule applies
to both sides of the law.

Yeah, well, a well-timed home run
can wipe the slate clean.

You're certainly due one.
I certainly am.
All right.
We're on the elevator.