I'm talking about like a snack.
Like a snack. A lousy cracker.

- Well, you see any crackers?
- Uh, no.

Well, then no crackers.
Have some cereal.

It's nighttime,
for Christ's sake.

Well, Jerry, don't tell
your stomach, all right?

You expect me to eat
a bowl of milk and cereal...

with a can of beer?
It doesn't go. It doesn't mix.

I want something solid,
something with bones.

You're not the only one who
wants something around here.

Oh, really?
Well, what do you want so bad?

Forget it.
No, I want to hear this.
What do you want?

I want a washer and dryer.
How's that?

Oh, a washer and dryer.
I'll get a checkbook. Hold on.

you see my checkbook, huh?

You got
a lot of fucking nerve...

asking me
for a washer and dryer.

Yeah, that's right!
I want a washer and dryer!

I gotta get myself
to the laundromat...

dragging him on the bus.
It's raining, it's wet...

he's screaming,
don't have no stroller.

I see. Now it's a stroller
you want. Anything else?

You know what else I want?
I want designer clothes...

and I want a VCR with remote
and I want a sauna...

and I want
central air conditioning...

and I want freaking rugs!
- Get off me!
- Calm down!

All right, all right,
don't cry, don't cry.

Jesus, I'm sorry.
Betty, I'm sorry.

All right?
- Don't worry.
- I'm scared.

OK, all right.
It's gonna be OK.

Jerry, you don't know that.
- How do you know that?
- 'Cause I do. Don't worry.

I want you to go in there, and
I want you to apologize to him.

- What?
- Go down there and apologize.

You tell him you lost control,
and it won't happen again.

Just go down there,
and you do that.

That creep?
You just go down there,
and you go get my job back!

- No.
- Just do it!

I'm not playing with you!
Just go down there and do it!