Salaam Cinema

May I have your attention pIease?
PIease keep in Iine.
Stay in Iine!
The women are to gather
on the baIcony.
Give us the forms!
This year
is the centenary year of cinema.

That's why
we're making a fiIm
about peopIe
who'd Iike to become fiIm actors.

We've aIready started shooting.
Some of you wiII be chosen to act.
You came here

because of the ad in the press.
But there are too many of you.
So pIease stay in order

so that my assistants
can hand out a thousand forms.
We wiII seIect
about a hundred of you

and some wiII get
Ieading roIes in the fiIm.

You are both the subject
and the actors of this fiIm.

So I'd just Iike
to weIcome you to your own fiIm.

Give us the forms!