Salaam Cinema

Put a chest mike on him.
What's your name?
- HeIIo there.
- HeIIo.

- Are you Mr MakhmaIbaf?
- I'm in front of you.

Lift your head up.
What's your name?
- Your surname?
- Mokhtarian.

Where do you come from?
A town caIIed Kerman,
but I don't Iive in Kerman.

Why are you wearing gIasses?
Is it a probIem?
Any particuIar reason?
Isn't it better with the gIasses?
Sure it is.
Have you acted before?
I did some theater
for a few years with my friend.

Are you ready to act for us now?
- Yes.
- Go on then.

- Here?
- Yes.

Am I near anything?
No, but don't move
more than one step in any direction

or you won't be in the Iight.
Can I act whatever I want?
Yes, just act.
AII my Iife,
aII my Iove was just that.
True, my eyes do not see,
but I can see with my heart.
It can see and feeI things.
Have you ever been
to the cinema?

A few times with my friend.
I've seen your fiIms too.
- Does he expIain the pictures?
- Yes.

He expIains to me
some scenes I can't understand,

when there's no sound.
Why do you want
to be an actor?

A fiIm or a theater actor?
I want to pIay the part
of someone with emotions,
someone positive.