Salaam Cinema

I'm in Iove with a boy.
I'm in Iove with a boy.
We were to marry Iast year.
His famiIy didn't approve
of us getting married.

So he Ieft...he Ieft Iran.
Because of aII these probIems
he Ieft.

I was supposed to go with him,
because of my age,
I couIdn't get a visa.
my idea in coming here...
I thought that your fiIm
or Kiarostami's

wouId go to Cannes.
I wanted to try my Iuck.
If I was chosen for your fiIm...
CouId you heIp me?
HeIp you do what?
If I act in your fiIm,
I might get a visa.

AII I want to do is Ieave Iran.
That's my ambition.

But you must be abIe to act
to be invited to a fiIm festivaI.

- Can you act?
- A IittIe.

Let's suppose you are chosen.
Can you act?

I can a bit.
I study acting.
Not to become an actress, but...
because I had nothing eIse to do.
I didn't have any other ideas.
Go and stand over there!
You've got 30 seconds to cry.
Go on.

But I don't want to pIay a part.
You said you wanted to be an actress
to get invited to festivaIs.

But I didn't come here
to become a famous actress.

I need to audition you
to see who is abIe to Iaugh and cry.