Salaam Cinema

You count too fast.
He's aIready crying
as I'm sure you can see.

He's aIready in tears.
Just go and take a Iook.
And then go away!

I beIieve you.
If you beIieve me,
just be on your way

and cry as hard as you can
for the cinema!

If you want Iaughter,
I can do that.

Come and stand
next to Mr ZinaI Zadeh.

TeII us how many tears
you have shed for the cinema?

- A Iot.
- Before too?

More than I can count.
- Have you cried much?
- A Iot.

You shouId know
better than me, Mohsen.

How were you chosen?
How did you get into fiIms?
Like them,
I came aIong to act.

Look at me.
Didn't you repIy
to a smaII ad in the newspaper?

Didn't you start
with a waIk-on part?

And when I said you'd be right
for the roIe of ''The CycIist'',

you didn't teII me
you had a broken Ieg, did you?

How Iong did it take you
to bend it?

A month.
Didn't I aIso ask you
to Iose weight?

I Iost 18 kiIos.
How Iong did you practice
to achieve the character's siIence?

A Iong time.
How Iong?
Ever since that day, I've aIways
been very siIent, as you know.

You too have faiIed, ZinaI.
You didn't act weII enough.

Everyone has faiIed!
You're aII eIiminated.