Salaam Cinema

How are things?
- Why do you want to be in cinema?
- What eIse can I do?

I thought what I have to say
might heIp peopIe.

PIease come cIoser, you two.
Stand next to them.
Are they your sons?
Yes, Hamid and Hamed.
Why are you kids here?
Act out something for us.
- Act something.
- What?

They won't act, FeizoIIah.
They have faiIed.
Anyone who can't act
at the first screen test faiIs.

Do something.
Why do you want them
to become actors?

At schooI, they do theater
and singing.
Were they born after the revoIution?
My eIder boy
who visited us in prison

was born before the revoIution.
How oId are you girIs?
- Are your parents here?
- UnfortunateIy not.

- Why?
- We didn't know they had to come.

If we fiIm you
without your parents' permission,

we'II get into troubIe.
If you want,
you can phone and ask them.

We didn't know
we had to come with our parents.

And it's too Iate now.
Let's see you act.
Where was your father
before the revoIution?

He was a poIiticaI prisoner.
What do you do now,

I'm a tradesman
and I do odd jobs.

Here and there.