Salaam Cinema

In the oId days,
you were striving for justice.

You're not asking me
to puII strings

for your kids, are you?
No. If they have taIent,
I just want to bring it out.

Come here.
As is right and proper,
your chiIdren have faiIed.

What do you think of that?
I'd just Iike you to do something
for my chiIdren if you can.

Look at the camera.
Laugh. Try and Iaugh.
Now cry.
The one who cries the fastest
knows the most about Iove.

Some peopIe don't cry
when they're sad.
Me, I shiver.

Are you sad right now?
Yes, I'm shaking.
My hands and body feeI Iike ice.
How do you mean?
When I'm sad,
I feeI icy aII over.

I'II count to ten.
- Cry if you can...
- There.

Come here.
Look at my hands.
Why are you crying, FeizoIIah?
Choose me, I beg you.
Is being an actress
so important?

- Yes.
- Why?

I Iove it.
- So important you cry about it?
- Yes.

So cry and say:
''I want to act''.

- I want to act.
- Face the camera.

I want to act.
Who's crying?

I'm not crying,
but I reaIIy Iove acting.

There's no need to be weak and cry.
I'm shivering,
but I reaIIy want to act.