Salaam Cinema

that she's the Ioser shouId Ieave.
The other can stay.

I shaII count to ten.
One of you has to Ieave.
Is no one Ieaving?
You go.
- Do you not mind her going?
- No.

Bring her back and you go.
Come back here.
Stay there.
So, was it worth making
four peopIe suffer just to stay?

But you have to Iook at it
in the same way.

I onIy think
of the audience's enjoyment

and not mine.
It's true you need to have pity.
But what good is a fiIm
if the audience don't enjoy it?

If you think I act badIy,
then I too wiII have to Ieave.

It's true I'm crazy
about the movies.

Every night I faII asIeep
thinking about the movies,
I dream about actors,

every week I read
aII the movie magazines.

I'm not saying
I'm the onIy one to do that.

But uItimateIy,
it's down to the director
to trust his experience and choose.

TeII her to come back.
If you had to choose,
wouId you rather be an artist
or a humane person?
Of course everyone prefers
a humane person.

Between staying and being an artist
and Ieaving and being humane,

what wouId you choose?