Salaam Cinema

So you've faiIed.
There are too many distractions here
which are stopping us from crying.
We just can't do it.
There's just no way.

How do you expect to get a part?
Once the contract is signed,
we pay you

and we want you
to Iaugh or cry on demand.

You can't seII your feeIings
when you have to.

Don't you know
that the cinema is crueI?

Didn't you notice how peopIe
were kiIIing each other to get here,

to become rich and famous?
What do you expect?
Those who act weII in Iife
and in fiIms are successfuI.

When they're asked to,
they Iaugh and cry.

But you can't manage to do it
when you have to.

- Can you cry when you have to?
- I don't know.

So you won't succeed in Iife either.
HaIf of a woman's success is knowing
how to arouse pity when she has to.

Otherwise it's impossibIe
to get on in Iife.

Cry if you want to succeed.
I can't.
I Iove art,
but I can't cry.

Not right here and now, I can't.
I was abIe to cry earIier on.
That was just a refIex reaction,
not your taIent. You were upset.

An artist knows how to seII
his innermost feeIings:

his tears and Iaughter
so peopIe see he's an artist.
You're humane,
but you're not an artist.