Sense and Sensibility

Your son is arrived from London.
- Father ...
- John ...

You will see in my will the estate
of Norland was left to me in a way -

- that prevents me from dividing it
between my two families.

Norland, in its entirety,
is therefore yours by law.

And I am happy for you and Fanny.
But your stepmother, my wife and
daughters are left only 500 a year.

Barely enough to live on.
Nothing for the girls' dowries.

- You must help them.
- Of course.

You must promise to do this.
I promise, Father.
I promise.

Help them? What do you mean?
I mean to give them 3,000. The
interest will be an extra income.

- The gift will fulfil my promise.
- Without question. More than amply.

One had rather. on such occasions.
do too much than too little.

Of course, he did not stipulate
a particular sum.

What do you say to 1,500, then?
What brother would be so kind to his
real sisters. Let alone half-blood?

- They can hardly expect more.
- What can you afford?