She'd still be alive, the
baby would have been born...

Hey! What are you doing there, kid?
Hey, cut that out!
Watch out, man. You'll get
yourself killed like that.

It's a law of the universe.
You have to let me do something for
you to put the scales in balance.

OK. If I think of something, I'll
send my butler over to tell you.

Please. At least let me
buy you a cup of coffee.

I don't drink coffee.
On the other hand, since you insist,
if you offered me a cold
lemonade. I wouldn't say no.

My name is Paul.
I’m Rashid. Rashid Cole.
Listen, if someone offered
you a place to stay,

you wouldn't necessarily
refuse, would you?

People don't do that kind
of thing. Not in New York.

I'm not "people." I'm just me. And I do
whatever I goddamn want to do. Got it?

Thanks, but I'll manage.