Something to Talk About

Oh, Lord.
Well, this is just an unholy mess.
And the timing.
In the middle of this Wheeler Farm deal
with Eddie and his dad.

If you're expecting loyalty from Daddy,
forget it.

I'm not.
Believe me, I'm not completely deluded.
I always worried
something like this might happen.

If you were so goddamn worried,
why didn't you say something?

What was I to say? You marry a guy
whose college nickname is Hound Dog.

What did you think would happen?
Oh, Emma Rae!
Don't you think I feel like an idiot?
I'm out there on the damn street!

What am I supposed to do? I mean, what?
You did the right thing. You did.
I'm proud of you.
I'll kill the son of a bitch.
-Jamie, good to see you.
-Good to be here.