Strange Days

- Hey, Lenny. How ya doing?
- Who's the new guy in Gant's posse?

Wade Beemer, played running back
for the Rams, '96, '97.

Like a fucking freight train.
- Rams... Football, right?
- No, ping-pong(!)

Hey, Iris was looking for you.
Hello, Lenny.
It's OK, Wade, he's an old friend
of mine, Lenny Nero.

Come to peddle me some clips
for old time's sake,

or just makin' a few bucks
for the holidays?

I wouldn't sell you
the sweat off a dead dog's balls.

I've already got everything
I need from you.

Cut it out, Philo.
Too bad about your guy Jeriko.
You lost your golden goose.
Show some respect.
He was an important artist.

Important for your label,
which is why you're mourning.

His records will sell out
now he's dead, and you'll make out.

Always do.
Faith, can I talk to you
for one second?

It's not a good idea right now.
Just for one second, OK?
- About what?
- That would be between me and Faith.

Funny, I don't feel anything
between you and Faith.

You see...
that's your problem, Lenny,
you assume too much.

You assume there's something
where there's nothing,