Strange Days

Sounds like Tick's
already celebrating, huh?

- You're overdressed for this party.
- I want to look nice for you, Lenny.

Hey, Tick. I gotta talk to you.
(Music stops)
He's been cooked off.
- Is he dead?
- No.

But his frontal lobes
are like runny eggs.

They use an amplifier to boost
the signal, and it fries his brain.

It's Lenny!
Hey, Tick! Come on!
(Echoing) Tick, it's me, Lenny!
Come on. Wake up. Tick!
Come on!
Come on, Tick! Come on!
He's totally cut off
from the outside world.

How long does it last?
Those psycho cops are on
a slash-and-burn

to find the tape
and cover their tracks.

Since Tick is a duplicator,
they wanna find out if copies were
made or who wired Iris.

It's not even homicide,
since he's technically alive.

Yeah. That's right.
He's technically alive.

It seems sophisticated.
These are not subtle guys.

- There's more to this.
- What do you mean?

All I'm saying is, you don't know how
high up the food chain this goes.

- I heard stuff.
- What stuff?

I heard stuff, smoke, rumours.
I've heard stuff.

I've heard stuff
about a death squad.

They're a group of guys, cops,
loyal to the hard-line school.

Guys who've had too many years
of City Hall, review boards,

and the goddam media
pissing down their necks,

suspending cops, tying their hands,