Twelve Monkeys

Flight 784 to San Francisco
is now ready for boarding at-

lnmate number 87645: Cole, James.
27631: Johnson.
84743: lnnis.
Jose. Psst.
- Jose, what's going on ?
- Bad news, man.

- Volunteers ?
- Yeah. And they said your name.

Hey, maybe they'll give you
a pardon, man.

Yeah. That's why none of
the volunteers come back.
They all get a pardon.

- Some come back, I heard.
- Yeah.

Please put me back !
Don't take me !

Yeah, they got 'em up on the
seventh floor. They hide 'em up there.

They're all messed up in the head.
Brains don't work.

You don't know they're all messed up.
Nobody's seen 'em.

And maybe they're not messed up.
That's a rumor. Nobody knows that.

I don't believe that.
Good luck, man.
- Volunteer duty !
- I didn't volunteer.

You causing trouble again ?
No, no trouble.
These are the instructions
for the first time probe.

Listen carefully.
They must be followed exactly.

All openings of your garment
must be sealed completely.

If the integrity of the suit
is compromised in any way,

if the fabric is torn
or a zipper not closed,

readmittance will be denied.