Vampire in Brooklyn

- Everybody snores!
- Not while they fuckin'!

- Piece of trash!
- Eva, come back! I was restin'!

Rest this!
You'll be beggin' me back tomorrow.
That's all right.

- That's Julius. He owes you money?
- I see him.

Oh, shit. Pizza Man.
- Comin' through!
- I'll get you!

You better run! I'm coming after you!
Run, baby. Run!
I'm comin' after you, baby!
Yeah! I want you!

Hey, get off my hood, man!
- Mind if I borrow your hat?
- Go ahead.

Thank you.
Come on. Hey, man.
Ain't as fast as you used to be,
huh, Julius?

- Tony, I didn't know it was you.
- Are you mental?

How many times have I gotta tell you?
I'm Anthony. He's Tony.

Oh, yeah, that's Tony. Right.
You know. All you gumbas
look alike to me.

- You got our money?
- Yeah.

- Oh, shit. I had it a minute ago.
- Then you're a minute too late.

You don't have to do that to me.
- Who 'll take care of my kids?
- You don't have any kids.

I'll start.
Don't worry about it, Julius.
Nobody's gonna miss you.

Do it.
I wouldn't do that.
You might miss the heart.

You aim between the eyes,
that way you get a nice, even spray.

- What the hell?
- Who the fuck are you?

I'm Maximillian, a connoisseur
of death, you might say.

No one takes pride in the art,
it's so rare you come across
a clean kill nowadays.

You got two seconds to beat it
or you're gonna share a coffin
with Carl Lewis.

- I already have a coffin of my own.
- Come on.