Vampire in Brooklyn

But if it ain't in the book,
going by the book won't solve it.

All I'm saying is
give something to intuition.

We've got a development
in that boat-people mess.

A couple of stiffs on Bates Street.
One guy was ripped to pieces.

- What about the other guy?
- He's in one piece

- ex cept he's missing a heart.
- Two blocks from the docks.

- Very good.
- What about the ship's log?

The university couldn't make sense
of it so they sent it to this Dr...

Apparently, some sort of specialist.

- Zeko. What's the address?
- 315 South Rockaway.

That's a tough neighbourhood.
What kind of doctor is he?

I don't know,
maybe he's a heart specialist.

- Let's check it out.
- I didn't finish my coffee.

Take it with you. Go. Come on.
Captain, here's
the latest figures on the boat.

Zeko 's, huh? Yeah, I got me the 411.
I got the info and a Happy Meal.
Things were progressing well.
Rita's vision of herself
dead in my coffin

was a certain sign
she was destined to be my mate.

Even my ghoul was performing well
those duties only a ghoul can do

when the cursed sun drives a vampire
to the shelter of his coffin.

In return, he would enjoy
all the perks of ghouldom,

maybe someday make vampire himself,
all with only minor side effects.

Shit! What...
What are you...
What are you doing sitting there?