Bad luck, English.
But the Slavers are producing
a good grade of poxy these days.

Cost you a handful of dirt--
or maybe that wind chime.

- What are you doin' here ?
- Just waiting.

Take your hand
off the sail.

Take it off !
I've seen your boat before.
Haven't seen you.

Took it legal.
Previous owner was dead on the tiller
when I found it.

You had another hour
before I traded up again.

Just improving my means.
- Well, I owe you then.
- No, thanks.

I got all the supplies I need.
Just came from an atoll.

Eight days east,
if you're interested.

- Two drifters meet,
something needs to be exchanged.
- I know the code.

But I'll give you this one
for free.

Nothing's free
in Waterworld.

Ha-ha. Yeah.
Just enough wind
to get away clean.

Forget the bag.
It's not worth it. You'll never
make it with your sails down.

Hey !
What can I say ?