A Time to Kill

46th trial.
Of those 46 trials...
...how many times have you testified
the defendant was legally insane?

The doctor cannot be asked...
...to recall all of his testimony
at those trials. It's absurd.

Thank you.
I can't remember.
Could the reason you
can't remember be...

...that in 1 1 years and 46 trials...
...you never saw a defendant
whom you found insane?

I can't recall at this time.
Can you recall testifying
at Dan Baker's trial?

Objection! This has nothing to
do with the proceedings here.

This better be good.
Thank you.
I'll ask again.
Can you recall testifying
at the trial of Dan Baker?

It's a rather brutal double homicide
where you found the defendant sane?

A dissenting psychiatrist
disagreed with you.

And Mr. Baker was found insane
and institutionalized.

Where is he currently?
At Whitfield.
Who is the chief psychiatrist there?
I am.
You are.
Dr. Rodeheaver is the
chief psychiatrist.

Now help me make this clear to the jury.
In 1985, you testified that Dan Baker...
...was legally sane.
The jury disagreed with you.
And Mr. Baker was found not
guilty by reason of insanity.

Since then he has been a patient in your
hospital as a paranoid schizophrenic.

Is that correct?
Do you normally admit patients...
...keep and treat them for 10
years if they are of sound mind?

Then it would be fair to say...
...that you find insane people
sane for the purposes of trial?

Objection! Argumentative!
Withdraw the question.
Nothing further.