Bad Moon

It's good to see you, too.
You shot up like a weed.
Uncle Ted, can I shoot the rifle?
Maybe we better talk about that later.
Come on, let's go in and visit.
How's it going at the new firm,
Janeway and Samuels?

So far, so good. My caseload's lighter
than it was in the Chicago DA's office.

Pace is a lot easier.
And, frankly, I am so glad
to be out of criminal litigation.

How are you adjusting to small-town life?
For me, like that!
For Brett, it's not so easy.
He hasn't made any friends
in the neighborhood.

But Chicago's no place to raise kids.
Out here, it's safe.

You know, sis, I'm proud of you.
I have to take my hat off to you.
You're a full-time mom to Brett
and still work full-time at the firm.

It's just great.
You're not telling me something.
Things haven't been going good
since I got back from the jungle.

Marjorie's gone.
I'm sorry.
So now it's just me and...