Bad Moon

Thor, come on.
Good boy. Come on.
Let's go! Come on!
Come on!
What's with you?
What? What?
Let's go home. Okay?
You're such a baby. Come on, let's go.
Come on!
What? What's the deal with you?
We've got to go home.

Jesus, ever heard of sleep?
You crazy dog!
Come on.
You were at his funeral.
You had quite a long relationship
with your boyfriend.

We were together for three years.
Three years.
Come on! Let's go!
You love baseball.
Where are you going?
Thor! Don't do that!
Come here, Thor.
Get over here, you knucklehead.
That wasn't very nice.
We interrupt this program
to bring you a special news bulletin.

Hunters and police are patrolling
a 50- mile square area in Timberline...

... as the curfew enters its third day.
Police revealed today the discovery
of a fifth dead hiker...

... in the woods near Timberline.
The five men and women were mutilated
by what authorities think is an animal...

... possibly a grizzly bear.
Hunters and bloodhounds are patrolling
a 50- mile square area...

... and a curfew is now in effect
on Timberline.

This is Sarah Williams reporting for KBDL.