Bad Moon

Lucky you were in the Airstream.
Anyway, I finally let him out.
He ran into the woods
and he didn't come back.

I called him with that dog whistle
but he kept barking.

What did he find?
What do you think it was all about?
I don't know. I'm not worried.
He barks at practically anything.

I don't know, Janet.
Big predators can travel long distances
if their habitat runs dry.

Though there hasn't been
anything dangerous here recently...

...doesn't mean it'll always be safe.
If I were you,
I wouldn't let Brett play out there until...

Until what?
There weren't supposed to be wolves
up where I am.

Look what happened to those people.
They said it was a grizzly bear.
Wolves, grizzly bears, same difference!
You have to be a little more cautious.
Take the dog more seriously
and don't let him play out there.

Don't you think you're overdoing it?
Thor isn't helpless.

How big is that dog?
Get this, he's 105 pounds.
Do you know how big a gray wolf gets?
Try 200 pounds!

Give me a break, Ted.
The dog barks at night...
...and suddenly you've got
a 200-pound wolf at the door!

Are you feeling okay?