Beautiful Thing

How d'you fancy going to Greenwich? The Park.
Legs astride the Meridian, as they say.

I gotta sort out the
week's rota for work.

You're addicted to that pub,

Don't knock it,
there's money to be made in booze.

Is that all you want outta life?
All I want is enough money to buy
a decent pair o'shoes that don't let in the rain.

-I can get you shoes.
-No, Tony, it's all right.

-I can make you shoes.

I'll do some hoovering or whatever.

-But I thought you said you wanted to go to the park!
-No problem.

-Yo, Ste!

'Ere, Ste.
Any beans to spill?

A little bird told me you're in love.
Four-letter word love!
Oh, don't look so worried,
Jamie told me all about it.

She's jealous,
twenty years younger, could've been her.

-Come on, what's she like?
-Well, what's her name then?

-Oh, short for Nolene? Very Home and Away.

It's about time too, you deserve a bit o'luck,
coz you're all right, you are.

'Ere, buy Nolene a present with this.
-Get her some flowers.
-Sandra, I can't take your money.

Oh, I had a good night for tips last night,
go on.

It's for his bird.
Do you have to use words like that?
It really disempowers you.

Nolene busy tonight, was she?