Big Night

I fuck ed up.
I'm so sorry.
Do you know what goes on
i n that man's r estau rant every night?

Rape! Rape!
That is what goes on in th at pl ace
every n ight!

Th e r ape of cuisi n e!
- Wh at happened?
- Please, please, please,

What happen ed?
- Wh at's wrong?
- Noth ing.

Thi s eggplant is no good.
It's too thick,

If I cook it I ik e th is. Too th ick.
it's too heavy, I can't u se it.

It's how your br other t old me
to cut it,

My br other was wr on g! Ok ay?
He was wr on g! What can I say?

He was wr ong!
Can you bel ieve it?

People mak e mistak es, That's what
they do. You shou Id know that,

When someone gives you advice,
you shoul d thi nk that maybe., .

they're making a mi stak e!
Okay? Wh at you need to do i s decide
for you rself wh at you want,

You under stan d?
Exactly what you want.,,

and then I won't have to thr ow
every goddamn thi ng away!

Oh, my God!
I r eally think you n eed to be
by your self for a whi le.

Phyll is? Phyl li s?