Bitter Sugar

So you're part of this?
I am.
Well, you must be
the last Communist on Earth.

I don't think so.
You know what?
Better we don't discuss politics.
I think that's a great idea.
What shall we talk about?
Gustavo Valdez.
Learn from your brother.
Those of us who have
followed your development...

...recognize that you are the kind
of student who is the New Man.

And we at the Lenin School
are honored...

:14:50 grant you a scholarship
to study aeronautical engineering...

:14:56 the very distinguished
University of Prague.

This party is in honor of my son,
who has just graduated.

And we have managed to cook up this cake
which is more than a cake...

:15:30 is a monument to Socialism.
Yes, because it has been obtained
through barter and exchange.

Pepe traded a used light bulb
for a little flour.

Jaime donated a little can
of American Quik...

...which his brother brought him
from Miami when he visited.

I found hidden
on a kitchen shelf...

...a little bottle
of vanilla extract dated 1 960.