Bottle Rocket

- Obviously, good quickness.
- Yeah, in and out pretty fast.

- Real fast, and good intensity.
- High intensity.

Great, 'cause
I was like really fast.

The preparation was good.
I think that's your specialty.

If I said that, it would sound
like bragging. Okay, criticisms.

- Criticisms.
- I've only one: not very thorough.

- Left a lot of valuables.
- I don't think that was a mistake.

That was one of the limitations
of this job.

By the way, great job in there.
- It was nice working with you, 'cause--
- Thank you.

Next order of business: Mr. Henry.
You're probably wondering when
I'm going to introduce you to Mr. Henry.

In answer to that question, very soon.
In fact, judging from how well that--

Here you go.
You gotta do that.

Judging from how well
that job went today...

including the coins and earrings...
was, to say the least--
You took the earrings, Dignan?
You took 'em?

Well, it's my fault. Ultimately,
Anthony, when are you gonna learn?

Man, you got another ball!
Should I play your game?

I know you remember the list,
'cause you signed it.

"The things Dignan's
not supposed to touch."

I can't be sorting through all that shit
in the middle of a burglary.

Hey, I don't care, okay? I bought
the earrings for my mother's birthday.

I went down,
I picked 'em out myself.

Hey, one thing is, every valuable item
in the house was on that list.