Bottle Rocket

What the fuck is this?
Vamanos, Clay. Bob, you were told to
thoroughly clean the pool this morning.

- It's a leaf.
- It was one leaf !

Your name's Anthony, isn't it?
Yeah, his name's Anthony.
My name's Dignan.

I'm Stacy Sinclair,
Elizabeth's sorority sister.

I didn't know
she had a sister.

Oh, my God.
You have the best sense of humor.

She is going to be so jealous
I saw you here.

So, you go to school
in Arizona, right?

- No, I was in the hospital.
- Oh, what for?

I went nuts.
- He's kidding. He didn't go nuts.
- You poor thing. How'd it happen?

- Do you really wanna know?
- Yes, I really do.

One morning
over at Elizabeth's beach house...

she asked me if I'd rather
go water skiing or lay out.

And I realized that not only did I
not want to answer that question...

but I never wanted to answer
another water-sports question...

or see any of these people again
for the rest of my life.

Three days later I was on my way
out to the desert, and that was that.

Bullying son of a bitch!
You're calling me a bully?
Here's a bully for ya!

Hold on, Bob! You're only
gonna make this take longer!

You're really complicated,
aren't you?

- My ear!
- I try not to be.