Bottle Rocket

What crew?
Now is not a good time
to bring up the crew.

Goddamn it.
Ya son of a bitch!
You're gonna cut me out!

Wait a second, Bob. Nobody's
cutting anybody out of anything.

- Let me show you this.
- Whoa.

Bob should see this.
Bob, I got something.
- What's this supposed to be?
- That's the crew.

That's Mr. Henry.
He's a-- I know.

Anthony, that's the Lawn Wranglers...
the landscape company
that Dignan here used to work for.

What do you mean, landscaping?
I mean push the mower,
trim the hedge-- landscaping.

- Landscaping?
- Landscaping.

Yes, they're landscapers, okay?
Yes, they're landscapers.

But did it ever occur to you
that a landscaping crew...

is a perfect front
for an operation?

Look at this.
You've seen this picture.

That is Mr. Henry, and aside
from owning the Lawn Wranglers...

he is a very talented thief.
Then why aren't you over there
right now?

Because we're fugitives.
And also because he fired me.
Best job I ever had--
working my way up, meeting people...
listening to stories.
One day he walks over and says,
"Dignan, you're out," just like that.

By the way, man, he was right.
Just because it's a front doesn't mean
somebody doesn't have to do landscaping.

But those days are over now.
Just a matter of time
before I pick up the phone and say...

"Mr. H., we are coming home."
So don't worry about your future, man,
because I am thinking.