Citizen Ruth

I'll give you $ 15,000.
You will?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on here.


You're not fuckin'
with me, man, are you?

'Cause if you're
fuckin' with me...

I never fuck with anyone.
Look, I got
my Agent Orange settlement.

And if I can level the playing
field for you, I will.

I won't let their fascist money
be a factor in your decisiĆ³n.

So I'm gonna give you
$ 15,000, Ruth,

and you can do
whatever it is you want to do.

Stop this, both of you,
right now.

Does that mean if I have
the baby, I could have $30,000?

Wait... Wait a minute.

Now, let me rephrase this.
$ 15,000 from them
if you have the kid,

and $ 15,000 from me
if you don't.

Now you can choose freely

You can't do this!

I just did.
Blaine... here.
Let me help you.

I can't tell you
how much it means to me

that you declared the alert
and came so quickly.

No, Norman.
I'm grateful to you.

When you told me
what was going on over here,

I was outraged.
More outraged than I've been
in a long time.

And there's a lot of things
in this country that outrage me.

Hello, Gail!
Oh, God bless you, Blaine.
Come on.
The car's over here.

If this gets out, it'll do
irreparable damage to us.