City Hall

No one should come here
unless he's willing to be lucky.

And I got lucky.
I had an apartment downtown,
but home was City Hall.

That's where it all began.
The day started out like other days,
with a ceremonial function.

The mayor was giving the key to
the city to the governor of Tokyo.

- He liked soup for breakfast.
Fish soup.

My dad offered to put it on the menu.
But, "No, no,"
Mr. Hayatama said...

...who was a very gentle soul.
"No, it would be
too much trouble. "

My dad replied, "Too much trouble
is no customers. "

The mayor, and he was the best mayor
the city ever had, was my boss.

I was his deputy mayor...
... his right-hand man...
... or his boy...
... depending on who was
talking about me.

But in Brooklyn...
... something else was going on
that would change everything.

It started with a cop...
... Eddie Santos, the toughest detective
in Brooklyn North.

He was on his way to a meeting
with Tino Zapatti, a drug dealer...

... whose only distinction was being a
nephew to Paul Zapatti, a mafia boss.

James Bone.
A child on his way to school.

Watch your step.
Finally, Vinnie Zapatti.
Cousin to Tino...

... a rat Detective Eddie Santos
had in his pocket.

- All set?
- Let's go.

It happened on the corner of
Broadway and Marcy in North Brooklyn.