City Hall

...under all the concrete
you poured into my pedestal...

...something is crying to get out.
You know I called Judge Walter Stern.
Anselmo called me.
I knew the Mafioso had called him, but
in this business, you don't trade names.

And I called Walter.
That's all there was to it.
I was doing Anselmo a favor.
Run caution lights all my life.
This time you ran a red, and
someone cut across the intersection.

A cop and a 6-year-old child.
That's with me forever.
That's not good enough.
Not good enough?
You think I don't know that?
I hope so, John.
Scares me when you call me John.
Why's that?
Because I...
...I thought a minute ago
we were off to the White House.

I thought I could feel you come aboard.
The old menschkeit.
Menschkeit is horseshit.
It's 120 years of graft
and sweetheart contracts...

...featherbeds and
inside information...

...and everywhere people in power
gather to carve up the turf.

That's your menschkeit.
It's horseshit.
You know where you can put it.

Maybe spread it over the fields.
If we cross our fingers,
maybe a flower will grow.

It has.
Out of all this crap...
:38:57 emerged.