Courage Under Fire

The 28 countries...
with forces in the Gulf area...
have exhausted all reasonable efforts...
to reach a peaceful resolution,
have no choice...
but to drive Saddam
from Kuwait by force.

A great battle has been initiated.
The mother of all battles.
Our objectives...
in the Persian Gulf are clear,
our goals defined.
Iraq must withdraw from Kuwait...
completely, immediately,
and without condition.
The liberation of Kuwait...
has now entered a final phase.
I have therefore directed
to use all forces available,

including ground forces,
to eject the Iraqi army from Kuwait.
At this point it seems inevitable...
that the ground war is only hours away.
Peter Arnett, Baghdad.
Don't ever for one minute
underestimate the enemy,

but remember, we're better soldiers.
We're fighting with better equipment,
we're better trained and a lot smarter.

Sleep deprivation.
Our soldiers been up 46, 48 hours,

so stay on top of 'em.
Maintain your intervals.

Any questions?
Let's have a little prayer.
Dear God, protect us...
as we protect our country
we so dearly love.