Courage Under Fire

when that tank fired on your chopper,
you said that, uh...
"You should go for altitude
and call for support", right?

You knew this wasn't Panama.
Men were going to die,
so you wanted to get out, right?

Wh... who told you that, sir?
Tea Party? Ilario?

lt doesn't matter who told me that.
You tell me.

You don't want to know
what happened out there, sir.

Yes, I do.
You just want me to sign off on the story...
so you can finish your job
and the lady can get her medal.

Are you refusing to tell me?
Colonel, you know
what to do if you get a hang fire...

when you pull the trigger
and the round doesn't go off?

You wait, with your weapon pointed in
a safe direction, cos the primer burns slow.

You open your weapon
and take the round out,

it blows up in your face.
Leave this round in the chamber, Colonel.
I work at the Pentagon, Sergeant,
so I admit I'm a little slow on the uptake.
Otherwise I'd say you just threatened me.
Did you just threaten me, soldier?
Because, if you did, let me respond to you.
Let me respond to you this way.
I'm an officer, and therefore,
by proclamation, a gentleman,

but don't abuse that, son.
Don't get in my cross hairs,
because I'll have no compunction...

about getting up to my neck in your ass,

She was afraid, Colonel.
That's the bottom line on Captain Walden.
She was a fucking coward, sir.

Get me around so I can fire!