Courage Under Fire

This is an ongoing investigation.
First right! Turn to the right!
Sabre-6, this is Bobcat-5.
Enemy tangos!
Say again! Enemy tanks in our lines. Over.

Sabre-6, this is Cougar-6.
Enemy tangos at phase line delta...

- I don't think any more of this...
- This is what happened, General.

Liberty-6, this is Sabre-6.
Enemy tanks on our flank. Out!

Patella, find me a target.
- I think I got one, sir.
- Do you or do you not have a target?

lt must be, sir. They're firing at us.
Up, sir!
On the way!
- Target! We got that sucker!
- Yeah!

Sabre-6, we just lost Cougar-6.
Repeat, we just lost Boylar.

Roger that, sir. We got him.
- You just lit up a friendly.
- Roger that. We... What?

- You just lit up a friendly, goddamn it!
Cougar-6 was one of your own Abrams,
Colonel Serling. Is that correct?

Yes, that's correct.
Sabre-6, Nat, what's happening?
Sabre-6, report.

Patella, was that one of our tanks?
They fired.
At us or at the T-72s?
I don't know.
- At us or at the T-72s, Patella?
- I don't know!

Colonel Serling, report status now.
They have range on us!
All Sabre elements,
stop all tanks, turn on your lights.

I say again,
stop all tanks and turn on your lights.

Sabre-6, Nat, what's happening out there?
Load us up.
Patella, find me a target.
Snap out of it. Find me a target.

Patella, come on!
- Target!
- We're up.

- Lights on or off?
- Off.

- Fire!
- On the way.

- Sir?
- Fire!

Colonel Serling, report status now!
Sabre-6, situation under control, General.
General, Colonel Serling's order
to activate lights,