-Excuse me.
-If he is, could you ask him...

...if he's going to take his classes
tomorrow? I can't--

Mrs. Baran?
You idiot.
It's obvious she doesn't
know where he is.

Miss Horner, please. The students.
He could make an effort
for your sakes.

For her sake.
You're drawing attention to yourself.
I'm allowed to brood.
My husband's disappeared.
You'll feel better when he surfaces.
It always perks me up.
What do your saints say?
I'm brooding. I'm not praying.
Lost your faith?
I never had any to begin with.
Never believed in any of it.
God, the Virgin Mary,
that life begins at 40...

...and that people
are all basically good.

Pretty soon, we'll be the same person.
See how nice things turned out?
I'm going inside.
It wasn't too smart,
changing the food.

-He never would've done that.
-What's the point in killing him?

I like making it better for the boys.
Still, I'd rather not hang
for fried chicken.

Why did you kill him?
You could've left him.
You could've left here.

I was underestimated.