El Perro del hortelano

What of those fond endearments?
If the doors could only speak,
they'd say...

They could say nothing.
You're blushing.
What your tongue denies,
your reddening cheeks confess.

If she told you that,
she's stupid.

I took her hand,
but gave it back.

Why's she complaining?
Some hands,
like the pax at Mass...

...are kissed before
being given back.

Marcela is a fool.
I own I ventured
with seemly deference...

...to cool my lips
with snow and lilies.

With lilies and snow?
Now I know that such
a poultice cools the heart.

Well, now.
What do you advise?
If that lady longs for one
so far beneath her...

...but fears that to indulge
her passion...

...would besmirch her honour...
...she might by some trick
lie with him unrecognized.

There is the danger
he might guess.

Wouldn't it be best
to kill him?

They say that
Marcus Aurelius...

...when his wife desired
to enjoy a gladiator...

...gave her his blood.
But Roman remedies are
not for us Christians, surely.

True, Teodoro.
Now there's no such thing...

...as a Lucretia, a Torquatus
or a Virginius.

In those days, Teodoro,
they'd Faustinas...

...Messalinas and Poppeas.
Write me a memorandum
on the matter.

I'll leave you to it.
Oh, Heavens!
I've fallen!
Why are you staring?
Give me your hand.
I feared to offer it,
out of respect.