El Perro del hortelano

You saw her here?
She came in, as morning
moves over the meadows...

...spreading its light across
their broidered counterpane.

But piety won't detain her
long within.

I know the priest. He's skimpier
than he should be.

If I could speak to her!
Your kinship must require her
to admit your company.

My kinship's suspect now that
I'm her suitor, Leonido.

I never felt so timid
till I loved her.

A man will see a lady
without compunction...

...as friend or kinsman
until he seeks her hand.

But when he loves her,
although she's cool to all...

...he'll see her less,
and scarcely speak.

So it is for me...
...with my fair cousin.
My passion brings me pain,
denying me my joy...

...for I was happier to see her
freely, as I did before.

She came on foot,
with several of her household.

The church was near,
she proud of her appearance...

...and so, no doubt,
she deigned to grace the street.

Is that Ricardo?
It is.
If he weren't here,
it would be stranger.

He looks well, the marquis.
It almost seems
that you are jealous.

Are you?
Of course, especially
if you praise him.

But why? Diana looks on
none of you with favour.

She might, though.
She's a woman.

But a vain one,
so proud and so disdainful...

...you can all be reassured.
All handsome women
are haughty.

Handsome is as handsome does.