Extreme Measures

You sure know how to pick them.
l mean, we have been bitching
about this system since they put it in.

Let me get this straight.
You're saying someone...

...has deleted all this stuff?
What? You mean on purpose?
What the hell are you doing?
l'm looking for the file on Minkins.
He was here before.
Someone tampered with his record.

Anyone see you come in?
Look, Jeff.
There are so many things
about this which are so odd.

Would you include your recent self?
You nailed a fellowship.
You're two months away.
You're going to places l could never get to.

Anyone finds you in here,
and you aren't going anywhere.

So relax, okay?
By the way, your mystery man?
l called security. They're looking into it.
Okay? Now, come on. Come on.
l was fighting my ass off like a gladiator.
He didn't have a knife, he had a machete.
Did l say six inches?
Fourteen inches long. No lie, man.

The motherfuckers took my scrips and all.
Wait a minute,
what kind of stitching you call that?

lt's good. lt's fine.