Just total fuckin' silence.
Two could play at that game,
smart guy.

We'll just see
how you like it.

Total silence.
Mr. Lundegaard,
this is reilly Diefenbach from G.M.A.C.

How are you this morning ?
Real good. How you doin' ?

Pretty good, Mr. Lundegaard.
You're damn hard to get on the phone.

Yah. It's pretty darn
busy here, but that's the way we like it.

Well, that's for sure.
Now, I just need on these last,

These financing documents
that you sent us,

I can't read
the serial numbers of the vehicles-

yeah, but I already got the-
it's okay.

The loans are in place.
I already got the- the what ? The-

the 320,000.
You got the money last month.

Yeah. So we're all set then.
Yeah, but the vehicles that you're borrowing on,

I just can't read
the serial numbers on your application.

Maybe if you can just
read them to me.

Yeah, but the deal's
already done. I already got the money.

We have an audit here.
I just have to know that these vehicles...

You're financing
with this money, that they really exist.

Yeah, well, they exist, all right.
I'm sure they do,
but I can't read
the serial numbers here.

So if you could read me some-
Yah, but, uh-

see, um-
I don't have them in front of me.

Why don't I just
fax you over a copy ?

No. Fax is no good.
that's what I have,

and I- I can't read the darn thing.
Yah, okay.

I'll have my girl
send you a copy, then.

Okay, because if I can't
correlate this note with the specific vehicles,

then I gotta call back
that money.

Yah. How much money was that ?

I gotta correlate that money
with the cars it's being lent on.

Yah, okay. No problem.
I'll just fax that right over.

No, no, no. Fax is-
I mean send it right over.

I'll shoot it right over to you.
Okay. Okay, fine.

Okay. Real good, then.
We're back with Katie Carlson.

Now, before we get going here,
we just wanna remind all of our viewers at home...

That this march,
for the second year in a row,

Katie and I, along with
Twin City Travel,

will be leading
a two-week riverboat trip down the nile.

It's a terrific time.
I know you've heard about it.

We want all of you
to come with.

And that's the truth.
Okay, now, those of you that just joined us,