for you to loan me
the money to put in.

It's my deal here, see.
Jerry, we thought you were
bringing us an investment.

- Yah, right.
- You're sayin'-

What are you sayin' ?
You're sayin' we put in
all the money, and you collect when it pays off.

No, no. But I- I'd-
I'd pay you back
the principal and interest.

Heck, I'd- I'd go...
one over prime ?

We're not a bank, Jerry.
If I wanted bank interest on 750,000,

I'd go to midwest federal,
talk to old Bill Diehl.

He's at Norstar.
He's at-

No, no ! But, see, I-
I don't need a finder's fee.
I need-
A finder's fee's,
what, ten percent ?

Heck, that's not
gonna do it for me. I need the principal.

Well, Jerry, we're not just
gonna give ya $750,000.

What the heck
were you thinkin' ?

If I'm only gettin'
bank interest, I want complete security.

Heck, F.D.I.C.
I don't see nothin' like that here.

Yeah, but I-
Okay, I-
I guarantee you your money back.

I'm not talkin' about
your damn word, Jerry. Jeez ! What the heck-

We're not a bank, Jerry.
Well, look, I don't wanna
cut you out of the loop,

but this here's a good deal.
I assume, if you're
not interested,

you won't mind
if we move in on it... independently.